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LSS Classroom Training

Lean Six Sigma has been a powerful tool for corporate process improvement initiatives for over three decades. These courses describe the methodology, how it is used, what types of issues it addresses and how to solve problems using LSS.

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In-house Project Execution

Contemporary package of services aiming to provide a turn-key solutions, techniques, tools and LSS methodology to Enterprises for achieving a sustainable business growth.

MGBS Team will execute your projects, put the correct strategy in practice, transfer the knowledge to your teams and navigate them through the decision making process.


Project Execution by MGBS

MGBS executes the project utilizing the right strategy, tool, technique, and methodology and provides a turn-key solution package for the customer.




Project Deployment by MGBS

MGBS will execute a deployment wherein projects selected are delegated to the right level of people within the client’s organization or enterprise and as project leaders complete the same, there is an ownership and knowledge transfer to the client.




From Project to Deployment

This is merely a combination of “a” and “b” to increase success of the sustenance as well as take ownership of the solutions delivered by MGBS to the client.



Business Process Excellence (BPEx)

 business Business Process Excellence (BPEx) is a Strategic Business Course designed to assist decision makers with strategy, tools and techniques to achieve positive and sustainable growth of their business.

BPEx Course Deliverables:

  • LSS Awareness
  • Executive Awareness to BPEx
  • Identify and quantify business constraints
  • Risk management
  • Categorize, Prioritize, and Strategize
  • Changes in your BPEx Strategy?
  • BPEx 8 Rs of People Sustenance
  • Maintaining Success and Exceeding Expectations



Introduction to Business Statistics

 minitab5 This package provides participants with a strong foundation in mathematical and statistical methodology and experience in its applications. The knowledge of statistical computing packages and their application provides a significant advantage over competition in the Human Resource market.



Applied Statistical Software

 minitab3 This course enhances analytical capabilities and teaches fundamental concepts of statistical thinking. The aim is improved decision making and actions through thought that is informed by statistical analysis.