Yellow Belt


MGBS LSS Yellow Belt Training Course

The MGBS Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Yellow Belt Training and Application Course consists of various options, which may be selected partially or in total based on your unique needs. This comprehensive LSS Package prepares participants to perform the role of a LSS Yellow Belt based on its evolved intent when LSS was spreading faster back in the early 1990s.

The LSS Yellow Belt level is at an operational leadership level closest to the process in any environment (Manufacturing, Transactional, or Service) leadership, where the problems have known solutions, however, the team doesn’t know how to implement and test them for their sustainability or test for their validity. We call these types of solutions as seeking the “Ground Fruit” of the tree.

The LSS option for the classroom model varies from the online in that it is an interactive session involving candidates selected from different areas usually within the same corporate environment, unless it is declared as a public session. Hands-On exercises are involved as well as assigned homework to increase the comprehension of the methodology of LSS.  Classroom presentations are delivered to show and share project progress. Projects are executed at the same level of complexity as the online version. Coaching is provided face-to-face and can be combined with the time that is invested in the training sessions in class.


MGBS Package includes:

  • 550 slides PowerPoint Presentation
  • 30 individual and group Exercises
  • 20 LSS Templates
  • 30 Data Sets – theory and examples
  • Kinesthetic learning tool – Multipult
  • Discount on “Minitab” Statistical Software
  • Face-to-face project coaching
  • Coaching support for YB’s second project past certification
  • Annual Content Updates as well as general support
  • Lean Six Sigma Tweet” – Complimentary copy of the book
  • IASSC Certification of Knowledge.
  • MGBS Certification of Project Application.

Download LSS Yellow Belt Course Overview