LSS Classroom Training

MGBS LSS Black Belt Training Course

lss-black-beltThe MGBS Online Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt Training and Application Program consists of various options which may be selected partially or in total based on your unique needs. This comprehensive LSS Package prepares participants to perform… More info


MGBS LSS Green Belt Training Course

The LSS Green Belt level is at a departmental or a level below the functional leadership, where the problems have some known solutions, however, never tested or their validity. We call these types of solutions as seeking the “Low Hanging Fruit” of the tree… More info


MGBS LSS Yellow Belt Training Course

The LSS Yellow Belt level is at an operational leadership level closest to the process in any environment  leadership, where the problems have known solutions, however, the team doesn’t know how to implement and test them for their sustainability or test for their validity… More info