Introduction to Business Statistics

When the consulting solution is aided by a learning tool, we need a powerful vehicle to analyze and derive mathematical models for predictable outcomes in our business processes.

Traditional software solutions available in the market are provided for the customer while the value add that MGBS offers is long term mentoring and support for such software use. MGBS also has its in-house tools and templates that can be downloaded from the net with minor support and mentoring for the same.

This package provides participants with a strong foundation in mathematical and statistical methodology and experience in its applications. The knowledge of statistical computing packages and their application provides a significant advantage over competition in the Human Resource market.

Course Contents:

  1. Statistics in Management
  2. The Language of Statistics
  3. Components of Statistics
  4. Statistical Applications in Management
  5. Data and Data Quality
  6. Data Types and Measurement Scales
  7. Data Sources
  8. Data Collection Methods
  9. Data Preparation
  10. Statistical Software

MGBS is Authorized Distributor:

minitab sigma-xl1


Statistical and Process Management Software for Six Sigma and Quality Improvement


Excel Add-in Software for Lean Six Sigma, Statistical and Graphical Data Analysis


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