Career Excellence


Career and Professional Excellence

MGBS Career Excellence courses are designed to equip professionals with an ad hoc mindset, determination and valuable skills set to succeed in their careers regardless the state of the economy across the globe.
Our courses are not about counseling professionals on how to get a job or retain they current position, but how to look at their career and treat it like a problem to be solved or an opportunity to seek at work or business to come up with a sustainable solution
Lean Six Sigma methodology provides an exceptional leverage which our courses combine with the development of a practical and effective set of skill for achieving a significant career breakthrough.

Career Transition Excellence (CTEx)
Career Transition Excellence (CTEx) as a course is different than the traditional career counseling as it does not focus on the short-term objective of seeking a job with a paid salary but rather on developing a high self esteem in parallel with building a valuable network and effective communication skills toward their milestone of initial success.

Career Continuity Excellence (CCEx)
Career Continuity Excellence (CCEx) is a results-oriented coaching course and workshop where problem solving, project management, and people leadership skills are addressed as the most crucial for advancing in your career. This course is designed for attendees to achieve results beyond the expectations of the professional, which could not have been via the traditional route.

Career and Professional Excellence Courses Deliverables:

Career Transition Excellence (CTEx)

Career Continuity Excellence (CCEx)

  1. LSS Awareness
  2. Sharp Resume Design
  3. Communication – written and verbal
  4. Effective Networking
  5. Project Execution for career success
  6. Acquire the Traits of a Global Leader
  7. Project Management and Planning Skills (PMP)
  8. Interview Simulations


  1. LSS Awareness
  2. Communication – written and verbal
  3. Effective Networking
  4. Risk management
  5. Problem Solving Skills (PSS)
  6. Project Management and Planning Skills (PMP)
  7. People Leading Skills (PLS)
  8. Maintaining Success and Exceeding Expectations


Download CTEx Course Overview

Download CCEx Course Overview