Applied Statistical Software

In academic area, business forms are driven from its contextual orientation and some time the techniques are not applicable to every field. That’s why in MGBS we developed a course that enhances analytical capabilities and teaches fundamental concepts of statistical thinking. The aim is improved decision making and actions through thought that is informed by statistical analysis.

This course will teach you statistical methods for business analysis; data exploration and description; sampling distributions; estimation; hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regressions; model building and many more.

Course Contents:

  1. Data Preparation
  2. Tables and Graphs
  3. Categorical and Numeric Data
  4. Types of Probability Distribution
  5. Sampling and Sampling Distributions
  6. Confidence Interval Estimation
  7. The Hypothesis Testing Process
  8. Regression and Correlation Analysis
  9. Models for Forecasting and Planning
  10. Regression Model for Significance

MGBS is Authorized Distributor:

minitab sigma-xl1


Statistical and Process Management Software for Six Sigma and Quality Improvement


Excel Add-in Software for Lean Six Sigma, Statistical and Graphical Data Analysis


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