College Students

Currently MGBS is broadening its scope by launching services in Educational Institutions for Professional Excellence.

LSS Online Courses

MGBS online training will equip Professionals with the knowledge of Leans Six Sigma Methodology and prepare them for the IASSC Certification Exam.

Lean Six Sigma Online Yellow Belt Course Lean Six Sigma Online Green Belt Course Lean Six Sigma Online Black Belt Course


Internship Associates

 associate Internship Associates (ITAs) engage MGBS by devoting a significant portion of their effort and non-employee related time toward providing value for MGBS on a global basis. During the cooperation process, ITAs benefits from the ease of access to MGBS Mentor program and the value of the knowledge gained, used towards their future career security.



Mentoring and Coaching

 mentor (2) We believe that mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing needed help, it is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.The focus of our mentoring program is to develop the whole person, find their potential and motivation as well, as to guide and prepare them for the obstacles that lie ahead on their road to success.
MGBS Packages:

  • Academic Success
  • Special Degrees
  • College Selection
  • College Application
  • Expatriate Student
  • Immigrating Student


  • Specialization Selection
  • Specialization Shift
  • Exam Excellence
  • Thesis Excellence
  • Doctorate Excellence
  • Applied Statistics
  • Career Start


Coming Soon:

1.     Academic and Professional Excellence (APEx)

  • Academic Progress
  • Professional Success
  • College-to-Corporate Handholding

2.     Faculty Instruction and Innovation Excellence (FINEx)

  • Effective Instruction for this Millennium
  • Designing Winning Proposals with Funding
  • Publishing and Conferencing