NY crime lab improves efficiency with ‘Lean Six Sigma’ process


The Monroe County Crime Lab has not only significantly streamlined case-work, but now projects to process 400% more cases by the end of 2013. If someone said you could increase the efficiency of your jurisdiction’s crime lab by 200 percent, you’d probably initiate an investigation into possible illegal use of controlled substances. Since implementing the [...]

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Central Trading uses Lean manufacturing


Two years ago Central Trading Co, a unit of the Central Marketing Group, paid its staff the daily minimum wage of 215 baht, which accounted for 20% of production costs. Despite the increase to 300 baht on Jan 1, the company lowered jeans production costs by 7 million baht per year after it took advantage [...]

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Boeing Expert To Discuss Lean Manufacturing


Copeland, a lean manufacturing consultant with Boeing, has 35 years of experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He is an expert in tooling, manufacturing, engineering, process improvement and the overall lean manufacturing process. Derived from the Toyota Production System, lean manufacturing is a production practice that avoids the wasteful expenditure of [...]

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Washington National Guard is getting Lean


Lean distinguishes itself from the generations of other cost-saving ideas by placing a lot of emphasis at the foundational level of personnel. This bottom-up approach empowers employees to find efficiencies and to recommend ways to cut waste. Citizen-soldiers and airmen learned more about Lean and their roles in the program at green belt certification training [...]

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Lean Manufacturing’s Unexpected Windfall: A Lower Carbon Footprint


Imagine your job is to lower carbon footprint. If you have many employees each driving to the plant, you might institute a carpooling program. A very successful carpooling program might reduce vehicles in half – a 50% reduction in commuting emissions. You might look at the building envelope and HVAC system, and make improvements that [...]

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