eSign Sample

In order to proceed with signing up your document, please follow the steps bellow. SignNow is a secure way for online signatures and trustful partner of MGBS Inc.

Step 1: Locate the email from MGBS Inc. in your mailbox. Click on the green button “Open Document”. NOTE: If the email does not appear, pls. check your bulk mail.

Step 2: The link will launch your default browser and progress bar will appear while the document is being loaded


Step 3: You can accept the invitation for signing by clicking on the blue button “Get Started”


Step 4: When the document is loaded, follow the yellow marker on the bottom left, pointing at the signature area.


Step 5: When you locate the signature area, click on the blue rectangle “Signature”


Step 6: An Options box will appear in which you can select between Typing, Drawing and Uploading your signature.


Step 7: When you finish Typing (or the other 2 options mentioned above), pls. click on the blue button “Add”.


Step 8: After your signature is added, go to the green button “Done” on the top right corner of the page and click to confirm that the document has been signed.


Step 9: The document is successfully signed. Click on “I’m Done”


Step 10: Thank you message will be displayed, click on “Go Home”.


Step 11: You will be navigated to the home page of SignNow, our trustful partner for online signatures.