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Adopting a Winning Mindset

determinationRecord results, global success or perpetual winning are not accidental. They require something more than planning, knowledge and experience – your mind has to be set to win!

Business and sport are alike and lessons can be transferred in both directions. You have teams executing shared tasks for achieving a common goal. You will find large corporations fighting like a sumo wrestlers over a small piece of new market. When you think your job is stressful, think about a soccer player who has to score a penalty at 100 000 stadium or the immense pressure on the athletes representing their country on the Olympics finals.

So how do they do it? How they overcome fear and limitations? Simple, they have adopted a Winning Mindset. They are aware of their weaknesses and practice over and over until they transform every physical movement into a muscle memory. Great sportsmen perform by instinct and their driving power is the winning mindset, it makes them visualize the next step and push their boundaries beyond their limits.

Take a look at any successful CEO and you will find out a perfect demonstration of winning mindset put in practice. By focusing on their own strengths, rather than competitors’ creates a proactive mindset, not a reactive follower mindset. CEOs are locked on the goal, their perseverance is contagious; their self-discipline is inspirational and their determination is incomparable. Those are the traits of a great leader.

You want to achieve better results at work and tried numerous tactics but nothing worked? You are not alone; great athletes were once average too but the difference is that they use Coaches who can focus their efforts, address weakness and improve their performance.

So, stop using the medieval approach of tryouts and errors, its time to meet your Business Coach and let him guide you through the process of adopting a Winning Mindset… Mentoring and Coaching



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