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We believe that mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing needed help, it is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.

Take a look of MGBS 1-on-1 Mentoring and Coaching program?
The MGBS Mentoring & Coaching Program is an option that supplements the self-directed training program and consists of professional guidance and support via Email, Instant Chat and Phone … more


This week Top 5 Questions from new Members:

Member’s Question: I am an experienced Project Manager, can I start with the Black Belt directly?
Mentor’s Answer: Yes, of course one can start Black Belt directly so long as it meets their objectives… more

Member’s Question: In selecting LSS projects, what are the various criteria involved?
Mentor’s Answer: This is part of the coaching session on LSS at any levels. There are various criteria… more

Member’s Question: I am college student and I want to get some experience in business management in advance, can your Associate programs provide me such experience?
Mentor’s Answer: The Associate Program in the area of Business Management at MGBS is geared toward… more

Member’s Question: I am applying for a high profile job position; can Lean Six Sigma help me stand out among other applicants?
Mentor’s Answer: Yes, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) when applied appropriately and successfully, is bound to bring… more

Member’s Question: The HR in my new company asked for LSS certificate and I checked your Online Yellow Belt Course, what are the first steps to get certified?
Mentor’s Answer: Our Online Yellow Belt Courses are an excellent start in the world of LSS and leverage their career… more


Mentor’s Weekly Tip:

Adopting a Winning Mindset

determinationRecord results, global success or perpetual winning are not accidental. They require something more than planning, knowledge and experience – your mind has to be set to win!
Business and sport are alike and lessons can be transferred in both directions. You have teams executing shared tasks for achieving a common goal. You will find large corporations fighting like a sumo wrestlers over a small piece of new market. When you think your job is stressful, think about a soccer player who has to score a penalty at 100 000 stadium or the immense pressure on the athletes representing their country on the Olympics finals… read more


Mentor’s Recommended Articles:


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Every so often you see an article about creative or offbeat interview questions, but recruiters and hiring managers always include a core set of commonly-asked questions that can be asked by phone, on video, or in-person. The distinction of a great recruiter is not in the questions he or she asks, but in the skill of identifying the best candidates based on nuggets in the answers to those questions… read full article here


Everything You Know About Leadership Is Wrong

As a corporate human resources person (in a past life), I was invited to leadership workshops and training events fairly often. It must also be said that I was eager to go. I figured every new workshop and seminar would give me insights into leadership and the magic of team-building that I’d never get on my own. For the most part, I was wrong… read full article here