Week 16 – Top 5 Questions from new Members:

We believe that mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing needed help, it is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.

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Member's Question: The HR in my new company asked for LSS certificate and I checked your Online Yellow Belt Course, what are the first steps to get certified?

Mentor’s Answer: Our Online Yellow Belt Courses are an excellent start in the world of LSS and leverage their career.The general steps for any level of certification (YB, GB, or BB) are similar, excepting that the depth of knowledge and project complexity (type and number of projects executed) is going to vary. The general process flow is indicated for your information:

  1. First, as much as possible try seeking a documented letter from HR specifically requesting for this and what benefits would follow.
  2. Then make a request if they are willing to sponsor the certification and arrange for funds approval.
  3. Send an enquiry
  4. Discuss needs such as Training, Application choices for certification.
  5. Register for the course and pay the relevant investment fee.
  6. Our coaches will help with project (s) definition if you are seeking the application certification option (Highly Recommended).
  7. Complete pre-training requirements and prepare for knowledge and learning sessions.
  8. Our system would then guide you to success.
Member's Question: I am applying for a high profile job position; can Lean Six Sigma help me stand out among other applicants?

Mentor’s Answer: Yes, Lean Six Sigma (LSS) when applied appropriately and successfully, is bound to bring the following benefits for you as an applicant:

  • Unique Value Proposition of the applicant that creates a “Pull” instead of the traditional “Push.”
  • Based on who trained you and their profile/background, you are going to have a significant edge via the MGBS pathway to LSS.
  • Finally, the pathway that MGBS is recommending for such applicants is to add value for their customer, employer, and career.
Member's Question: I am college student and I want to get some experience in business management in advance, can your Associate programs provide me such experience?

Mentor’s Answer: The Associate Program in the area of Business Management at MGBS is geared toward executing a project in areas such as finance, HR, Sales/Marketing or similar fields that are normally dished out at Business Schools across the world.

  • In this program, the candidate is challenged with the responsibility of working toward a MGBS product/service in real time.
  • The student can also show value ready to be used toward student’s Academic and Professional Excellence in less than a year’s time.
Member's Question: I am an experienced Project Manager, can I start with the Black Belt directly?

Mentor’s Answer: Yes, of course one can start Black Belt directly so long as it meets their objectives.

  • Some options are provided for those who wish to start their level of knowledge in LSS:
    • Looking for knowledge and not interested in a sustainable application in their career – Risk on ability to sustain this capability.
    • Just interested in knowledge certification and nothing more – nothing wrong with it!
    • Not worried about hiring manager asking questions on what type of projects covered or how many years since then.
    • What one needs to do if they are serious about pursuing a career built on LSS is addressing fundamental questions:
      • Am I looking to become a Master Black Belt?
      • Will I be coaching others?
      • Would I change my industry in my career?
      • Will I be looking for a promotion in the near future?
      • Do I need an option in my career to consult independently or for a firm as an employee?
      • Will I benefit from diversifying my background?
      • Start with a YB or at the extreme GB training, application and certification.
      • Keep executing multiple projects, preferably in different areas and then you would know what direction and pace you would need.
Member's Question: In selecting LSS projects, what are the various criteria involved?

Mentor’s Answer: This is part of the coaching session on LSS at any levels. There are various criteria, however, they can be classified into a few for those that are ready to get started whether they have already undergone training or are planning to:

  • The problem or opportunity when solved should impact the following in the order of decreasing importance (highest importance listed first) as listed below:
    • o Benefits directly increases the sales:       capacity ratio of your employer’s customer
    • o Benefits directly reduce the internal costs for your customer
    • o Benefits directly reduce the allocated budget for your employer’s customer
    • o Benefit of cost avoidance for your employer’s customer
    • o Benefits directly increases the sales: capacity ratio for your employer
    • o Benefits directly reduce the internal costs for your employer
    • o Benefits directly reduce the allocated budget for your employer
    • o Benefit of cost avoidance for your employer
    • o Benefits are intangible or indirect for your employer and/or employer’s customer
    • All benefits here assume safety of employer, customer, and associated assets and property/infrastructure