Dr. Shree Nanguneri


dr_shreePresident and CEO, MGBS Inc.

Dr. Shree is a, “business process excellence” leader and innovator, having achieved his first breakthrough project success with General Electric Plastics more than 16 years ago.  Since the early part of this millennium, he created an integrated lean six sigma approach to helping businesses reduce their operating costs and increase revenue across continents to deliver direct benefits for his customers.

Dr. Shree Nanguneri, with degrees in chemical engineering and polymer science, started his career with organizations that manufactured high-performance materials. While working for GE (in three continents for over six years), he filed four US patents successfully across various applications at GE. His major achievement comprised achieving an 8σ performance for a nerve-wracking problem faced by their key customer, Gillette, on their Mach 3 Shaving Razor product for the cartridge component, prior to its successful 1996 launch. Solving this problem helped GE receive the coveted Gillette Omni Best Supplier Award. In 2000, Dr. Nanguneri went on to start Millennium Global Business Solutions (MGBS) as a consulting company, and since then has trained and coached over 600 professionals

Business Process Excellence for the Millennium across a variety of industries, resulting in $550 million worth of total direct customer benefits to date.

He has a passion to make things simple, get real, on-the-ground solutions for complicated problems in business, education, enterprise, and research. In 2010, his organization had successfully introduced a new product line termed academic and professional excellence (APEx), which involves imparting the principles of process excellence to students in their college years with a practical approach to executing projects. He visualizes that these early years intervention in college will help his strategy make a significant difference in the way industry values college graduates.

Being sensitive to the culture rather than the strategy, Shree is a talented facilitator for instructing as well as coaching teams and their leadership in executing sustainable breakthrough projects across different functions in an organization.  He has passionately pursued the field of business process excellence and also created his own training content to simplify the concept at the operational and executive levels.

He is also active in designing and developing e-learning products, speaking engagements, coaching the sales and marketing divisions of organizations, and general blogging on preferred websites. He speaks different languages and uses simple examples in travel, social, and other current event situations to help understand some of the complicated concepts in Lean Six Sigma (LSS).

Shree has successfully delivered as a business process excellence consultant providing mentoring and coaching for direct benefits for: USA, Europe, China, South Asia, South East Asia and Japan (more details)


- Doctoral Degree in Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

- Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

- Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology.