Pure insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting something better to happen

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By Dr. Shree Nanguneri

Root Causes for the repeated “Pure insanity”

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Pure Insanity“Pure Insanity” reminds me of my driving habits when I was cautioned to look at the maps and seek proper direction. I assumed I was directionally oriented based on the time of the day and the geographical location (North, South, East, and West) being a man and refused to listen to my wife. I later realized that in this instance her landmarks were of greater importance as my directional orientation was clouded by trees around the neighborhood we visited.

In our processes we keep doing the same thing day after day and hope that things would just go away or we can just wish them away. Isn’t that Pure Insanity? We need to stop, change our ways, modes, tools and techniques we adopt and then create a breakthrough improvement in what we set out to achieve.

So I then adopted my technology prowess, and sought me a GPS. I used it over and over and found that I could depend on it. Then came another time when I depended on the GPS and we ended up at the wrong place even after resetting it twice. To make matters worse, we were a family in the middle of nowhere in Seattle and isolated during the late night hours. Was worse than my previously honed directional orientation skills. I was repeatedly using a system that was not updated on maps since the streets we visited were not programmed yet and several other people riding out to our host’s place had complained of the same.

Not knowing of this history, was in fact a poor preparation and planning on my part, given that the family’s safety was in jeopardy. Thus I finally got me a newer model with better features and am raving about it now.

Don’t go around doing something constantly just because it was done by someone else. Ask yourself, “Am I getting the results that I seek?” If I am, then I need to hone in my elements and inputs and freeze them while I validate the output each time for its accuracy and precision. If I am not getting the results each time, I need to seriously change the elements and inputs that I am beset with and expect an improvement so long as i have benchmarked advice from the SMEs.

Let us list some of the root causes for this display of undesirable behavior:

  1. I am a “Know-It-All” kind of guy.
  2. Who is she to tell me what to do.
  3. My gadget is accurate and precise because it is mine.
  4. I know I will make it the next time, I am this close to it.
  5. I have always been successful in what I do.
  6. I can’t admit that there is something beyond my knowledge.

Stay away from such afflictions of our thoughts.

If you want to change your outcome, you need to change the elements and inputs going into the process bearing the outcome.

“Pure insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting something better to happen”

There is just no way around it.


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