While we have candidates take the IASSC exam to qualify for certification of LSS knowledge, in parallel at the choice of the candidate, they can elect to apply for the MGBS Certification of Application. This certification would require that the candidate complete the following successfully:

1.    Register for training and application
2.    Define relevant project charters for the application aspect
3.    Compile process mapping and populate process logbook with data prior to training
4.    Review these tasks with the MGBS committee prior to training and seek approval
5.    Start LSS training (online or in class) requirements
6.    Complete the portion of project application relevant to training that is attended
7.    Present project review and presentation to MGBS committee and seek approval
8.    Continue this process till you complete all aspects of training applicable to the application component
9.    Qualify in the knowledge certification process
10.    Qualify for project application based on criteria presented by MGBS

  • LSS Project (s) will be
    • Audited by an external professional outside of MGBS
    • Posted into the MGBS roster for review and approval by a committee
    • Assessed by candidate and committee in an oral review

11.    Committee will share review notes to MGBS for next steps toward Certification of Application
12.    Candidate is likely to pass and qualify with a high rate of success as they wouldn’t be entering these sessions with any incomplete action items


Candidates, who successfully complete the training program, pass the Certification Exam will receive YB/GB/BB Certificates from IASSC.