About Us

About Us – MGBS Inc.

Simplicity of our business model leads to application success


“At MGBS, we adopted a philosophy of a logic based thinking supported by compassion to clients, associates, and partners.
While we expect and encourage our clients to move to a fact founded decision making, we also understand that in a real world it is not quite possible to do so.
Thus we ensure that a relationship based on mutual trust, compassion with professionalism as a key to the success of all elements along the value chain.”

Dr. Shree Nanguneri, CEO MGBS Inc.


MGBS was founded in the year 2000, as an LLC company – MGC (Millennium Global Consulting) Limited Liability Incorporated. With solutions delivered in Manufacturing, Transactional and Service type environments, in 2006 a need arose to transform MGC LLC into a C-Corporation type company. Around the same time MGBS (P) Ltd. India was also initiated, as customers in this region desired a local “Go-To” needs for support and leadership. Later on, in 2009, MGBS (Shanghai Management and Consulting) Ltd. opened up in Shanghai, China. Since then MGBS deployed with more than 200 belts in Asia.

Over the last decade MGBS deployed successful projects globally and coached over 600 Belts, delivering US $ 550 Million in benefits.

Currently MGBS is broadening its scope by launching services in Educational Institutions for Professional Excellence.

Due to demand increases from our customers, MGBS is now assessing a need to expand its operations in new countries. If you want to become a part of our vast professional network, feel free to contact careers@mgbs.com